Identity Theft & Fraud


Every day, we hear about fraud.

Perhaps you were a victim of a scam,  identity theft or even elderly financial abuse.

NCCU is proactive in helping you to protect yourself from this happening.  NCCU employees are trained to determine whether you may be a victim of a scam or fraud.  When making deposits or withdrawals,  we will question you on them to be sure they are legitimate if it something you normally do not do.   We offer debit card alerts, which alert you  whenever your debit card is used.   Your NCCU credit card usage is monitored for anything out of the ordinary.

There are many resources available to you regarding identity theft.

For more information on scams and identity theft, go to or click here for the link that will direct to the site.

If you are a victim of identity theft,  contact NCCU as soon as possible.   In addition, the Federal Trade Commission will direct on everything you need to do.   Go to or click here for that site.

For more information on elderly financial abuse, click here .