EMV Cards

close-up of a credit cardThe U.S. is making the shift to EMV (or chip) credit cards, and Northwoods Community Credit Union is ready.  When your NCCU credit and/or debit card expires, your new card will be issued as an EMV card. At that time, you will receive your new card in the mail, along with instructions on how to activate and use the card.

Your new NCCU credit and/or debit card will have a chip embedded in the card that generates a unique, single use code to validate transactions made at chip-enabled registers, further protecting your card from unauthorized use and fraud. If your card isn’t scheduled to expire in the near future, and you would like an EMV credit or debit card, let us know and we will be happy to issue you an EMV card.

Please be aware that the new  EMV cards will look slightly different than your current card. If you have any questions after receiving your EMV card, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We hope you will enjoy the increased security that comes with having an EMV debit or credit card from NCCU.

Chip cards are used a bit differently from your current credit cards. Instead of swiping the card, users insert the chip end of the card into the terminal. Keep the card in the terminal and follow the prompts on the screen. Remove your card when prompted and take your receipt. You may need to sign for your purchase, as well.

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