Board of Directors

NCCU’s Current Board of Directors:

Serving on the board requires someone who has a dedication to volunteer work, some knowledge of business or other requisite community interests, and/or a willingness to learn. They should have the time available to dedicate to the position. They need to be flexible, honest, and an independent thinker. Board members must be at least 18 years of age, a member in good standing, and pass a background check.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • The Director attends all monthly Board meetings. They need to have studied the information provided in the monthly Board packet and be able to discuss, question, or initiate new viewpoints concerning this information.
  • A Director needs to be committed to time spent working on committees that are important to the sound management of the credit union.
  • Once elected to a board seat, the newly appointed member must comply with the By-Laws. Also, additional education and training is required. In the term as a Board of Director, the individual will complete and pass training programs in a volunteer achievement program:
    • 1) History and Philosophy
    • 2) Financial Reports
    • 3) Managing risk
    • 4) Board of Director’s Duties and Responsibilities
    • 5) Board and Management Policies
    • 6) Planning

The Northwoods Community Credit Union Board of Directors represents a cross section of the membership and the communities that NCCU serves. There are seven board members and once elected they serve a three (3) year term. To become a candidate for NCCU’s Board of Directors, you must be 18 years old and be a  member of the credit union for three (3) months prior to the record date, which is set by the Board of Directors.  Call us for more details if you would like to become a Director.